Manuals, Technical Papers, Independant Research and Tutorials

CORExpress® Manual

CORExpress® 1.0 User's Guide (Jay Magidson 2012)
The full and comprehensive Users Guide for CORExpress®

Technical Papers

Below is an index of available technical papers, arranged by general topic. Within each topic area, an introductory article is listed first, followed by other papers on the topic.

  CCR: Re-thinking Regression in the Presence of Near Collinearity (Magidson 2013)
  Chapter in New perspectives in Partial least Squares and Related Methods (Springer Verlag Dec 2013)

  Regression Modelling with Many Correlated Predictors (Magidson and Bennett 2012)
  A new approach to linear and logistic regression with high dimensional data.
             Presented at the Royal Statistical Society Conference September 2012

CCR: A Brief Methodological Description (Magidson and Bennett, 2011)
This note contains a brief technical overview of the CCR Methodology

Correlated Component Regression: A Prediction/Classification Methodology for Possibly Many Features (Magidson 2010)
This article introduces the Correlated Component Regression (CRR) Approach and compares it with other method, including penalized regression and principal components regression

A Fast Parsimonious Maximum Likelihood Approach for Predicting Outcome Variables from a Large Number of Predictors (Magidson 2010)
This article was presented at COMPSTAT 2010

Correlated Component Regression A Sparse Alternative to PLS Regression (Magidson 2010)
Presented at 5th ESSEC-SUPELEC Statistical Workshop on "PLS (Partial Least Squares) Developments"

Correlated Component Regression: An Alternative to PLS-regression and Other Regression Approaches in Situations with Many Correlated Predictors (Magidson 2010)
Presented at the ERCIM 2010 Conference: London in December 12, 2010

Rethinking Regression, Prediction and Variable Selection in the Presence of High Dimensional Data: Correlated Component Regression (Magidson 2010)
Presented at the Modern Modeling Methods (M3) Conference, Univ. of Connecticut on May 25, 2011

Independant Research Papers

The following research papers, which have been produced by our clients or associates, used CCR to analayse the data.

The urban brain: analysing outdoor physical activity with mobile EEG. (Aspinall P, Mavros P, Coyne R, Roe J. 2013) Brit. J Sports Med. March 2013.
The Role of Proxy Genes in Predictive Models: An Application to Early Detection of Prostate Cancer (Magidson and Wassmann, 2010)
This article introduces suppressor variables and the importance of including them as predictors in regression models


All sample datasets and sample .spp files used the tutorial below are downloaded to your computer when you install the demo version of CORExpress. Additional tutorials will be added over time.

Tutorial 1: Getting Started with Correlated Component Regression (CCR) in CORExpress
This tutorial introduces Key Driver Regression using CCR-LM in CORExpress

Tutorial 2: CCR for a Continuous Dependent Variable with Many Predictors
This tutorial introduces the use of CCR-Linear in CORExpress with many predictors

Tutorial 3: Correlated Component Regression for a Dichotomous Dependent Variable
This tutorial introduces the use of CCR-LDA in CORExpress